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April 7, 2015

Testimonial Tuesday: Learning to be Responsible TO Your Kids

Image: Flickr/Theresa Martell

Image: Flickr/Theresa Martell

From time to time we receive emails from folks just like you who are discovering just how revolutionary our content can be. We love hearing this — not just because it validates our materials but because it means lives are being changed. Our whole idea is to help people stay cool enough to handle any moment in the moment. We know that if they can do that, they can find the momentum they need to create great relationships. Great relationships, change lives, which transform communities, which, in turn, heal the world. So, we want to share with you some of the stories we get to hear — stories of life change, stories of transformation. Today’s story comes from one mom who is slowly seeing the difference between being responsible FOR her kids and being responsible TO her kids. 

I am on page 126 of your book, and already I see and feel the changes. Even though I could probably read the whole book in 1 weekend, I have chosen to read it one chapter at a time over the last couple of weeks so that I can really reflect on and absorb the contents of each section before I go on. I am a married, working mom of 3 kids: two boys 12 and 11, and a 7 year old girl, and we go through all the typical struggles and hurdles that you illustrate in your book. The power struggles, the anxiety which begets more anxiety, the emotional reactivity, the responsibility FOR my kids vs. TO my kids, etc… Since I’ve been reading your book, I have tried to incorporate your advice, your philosophy, your communication dynamic within my family, and guess what, there’s been A LOT less struggle, a lot less anxiety (especially for me!!), and a lot less emotional reactivity. Most of all, I think (I hope) that I’m on my way to helping my kids grow up to be the best kids that they can and want to be (not kids that I want them to be). I’m trying really hard, and it’s working. I am trying to be responsible TO my kids as opposed to FOR my kids. It’s actually a really liberating concept, once you understand and embrace it. I am so glad I came upon your book, and more so that I chose to sit down and read it. I wish my parents had read it when I was a kid. It would have saved a whole lot of heartache and struggle. Nonetheless, thank you for your great work and information, and I will keep you posted on our progress and successes.

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