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January 6, 2015

A GPS for Life

Image: Flickr/Thomas Szynkiewicz

Image: Flickr/Thomas Szynkiewicz

“To know the road ahead, ask those coming back.” (Chinese Proverb)

As you walk the path towards ScreamFree living, it helps to have others who can assist you. Most commonly, we look to our own parents and in-laws. Hopefully, they are humble and hopeful. If so, they can be wise guides to give you a glimpse of what might be coming. This is an invaluable resource.

However, if your parents or in-laws cannot provide you with that calm wisdom, if they cannot give guidance without guilt, instruction without insult, lessons without lectures, then it is up to you to seek out others. Life is difficult, and we must not allow bad relationships with our own parents to cut us off from the wisdom of those older and more experienced than ourselves.

The hallmark of a grown-up is the willingness to ask for and receive guidance when the road ahead is unknown.

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