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November 3, 2016

A Hard-Headed Woman

“I’m looking for a hard-headed woman,
One who’ll make me do my best.”
(Cat Stevens)

Stubborn. Tenacious. Determined. Obstinate. These are all synonyms for what Cat Stevens (his name back then) called “hard-headed.” These might be synonyms for what you would call your significant other as well.

I hope so. Man or woman, I hope you’re romantically connected to someone who can stand strong for something—so strong that it frustrates you.

Why? Because nothing forces us to elevate our thinking, and our conflict resolution skills, like a good, equal discussion partner (with whom we also want to share a bed). You may say you’d prefer someone just bow and cater to your every wish and opinion, but such yes-women (and “yes, dear”-men) don’t bring out the best in us, or our relationship(and they’re not nearly as good in that bed).

Peace begins with pause,

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