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June 19, 2008

A Proud Mom Moment

Image: Flickr/davidd

Image: Flickr/davidd

My family is not obsessed with Indiana Jones…ok maybe just a little obsessed. But we’re not completely gone. I mean, it’s not like we still have Hal’s old school Raiders of the Lost Ark sleeping bag, or the new Indiana Jones Life game, or incriminating photos of Hal dressed as his hero for Halloween. No, that would be taking things too far.

What’s been funny to watch is that Brandon is about the same age now as Hal was when the first movie came out. And if any child ever looked like a carbon copy of his father, that would be my son. I promise, I did have some small part in the process of his DNA strand forming, but to look at him, you can’t tell.

Anyway, point of this post? I’m getting there! Geesh, you people can be so impatient.
The point of this post is this…We are creating a monster. Apparently one who worships Satan.

My son recently discovered the second movie in the series, The Temple of Doom. (sidenote – save yourself the trouble of emailing me how this movie is too dark for a 9 year old – he had no problem with The Shining and The Exorcist, so this is a piece of cake) (second sidenote – if you didn’t detect the sarcasm in the first sidenote and took me seriously, I feel really sorry for your kids when they become teenagers – irony….learn about it).

So, he’s watching the movie – with his headphones on because mom is a little anal and likes her quiet every now and again – and from the other room I hear his little scratchy voice call out with passion, “Om nah shiva! Om nah shiva! Om nah shiva!”

I almost fell out of my chair because:
1. I didn’t even know he was in the next room
2. He was chanting what the poor soul who is sacrificed in a pit of fire chants as he prays to his own devil god.

Good Parenting Lesson 101: Expose your children early and often to devil worship and you too could have sweet looking spawn who will repeat phrases like this in the most inoportune places, such as church or when on the phone to grandma.

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