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  • Problem, I Welcome You

    It’s definitely our animal instinct to avoid problems like the plague. But we’re not merely animals.

  • Slave No More

    While I would never want to equate the horrors of human slavery to a modern mental slavery, I do find Ms. Tubman’s idea relevant for us today.

  • Getting Fed Up Yet?

    Change doesn’t happen the way we usually think it does. We can fantasize about everyone coming to a logical consensus, and everyone then adjusting their course simultaneously because it’s the right thing to do.

  • Learning to Love, and Learn from, Your Mistakes

    Every so often I hear someone say, in the face of a clear mistake, “Hey, I’m only human, okay?”

  • Why Payback Doesn’t Pay

    On the surface, payback seems like justice: “You hurt me? Okay, I’ll hurt you. There…we’re even.”
    But here’s how it always plays out:

  • Take Ten Minutes

    As you prepare for the weekend, and perhaps a Valentine’s Day celebration, set a timer for ten minutes and do the following:

  • Today’s Your Lucky Day

    It is so easy to remember all the times we’ve failed in our romantic relationships. It’s even easier to remember all the times our partner has failed.

  • I Love Lamp?

    Success in marriage begins before you say, “I do.” It begins when you find the one person that you want to love. This cannot be fabricated, and it will not come easily.

  • Tending to Your Own Lawn

    None of us sets out to fall into the trap of envying our neighbors. No one begins their morning saying, “Today, I will look at other families and lament the fact that mine isn’t more like theirs.” No one does that on purpose.

  • Marriage is a Mirror

    In honor of National Marriage Week, we’re gonna devote The Daily Pause all week to the mysteries and challenges of romantic commitment.