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  • Calm can be aggravating

    When your child is on the rampage for a good fight, the worst thing you can do is give her one.

  • Decisions, decisions

    What would change about your life if you were more decisive? If you deliberated less and decided more? Here are..

  • It can be so much easier…

    Sometimes, when parents first encounter ScreamFree Parenting, they beg us: “Just tell me exactly what I need to say to get my kids to behave!”

  • Why you should definitely inhale

    Right before you taxi down the runway, flight attendants share a simple message. “In the case of a sudden loss of cabin pressure, oxygen masks will drop from the ceiling compartment.” You know what they’re going to say next, right?

  • Creating the Relationships You Crave

    Let’s face it; when it comes to relationships, we’ve all received some bad training over the years. Divorce. Mean girls. Crazy exes. Narcissistic parents.

    Even if you had…

  • Playing the Hand You’re Dealt

    Today I get to go under the knife of a surgeon, fixing my hip flexor tendon that was apparently damaged after my hip replacement a year ago. As my wife Jenny knows better than anyone, this will be my 7th surgery…