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May 12, 2016

Critical Warning

“Children have more need of models than of critics.”
(Joseph Joubert)

Imagine you’re in a dance class, and you’ve just learned a routine. You’re having a bit of trouble with the steps, and you look to the teacher for help. Your teacher Mr. Critic stands watching, while telling you, “You’re not doing it correctly. That step is wrong. Your timing is off.” Mr. Model, however, does the routine in front of you, illustrating the steps, the timing. He then takes your hand and breaks it down step-by-step, demonstrating each with gentleness and encouragement.

Which is more constructive?

We’re all in need of criticism to an extent—strong individuals will accept criticism to help them grow and improve, and teaching our children to do so is paramount.
And our kids will receive plenty of criticism from other sources—friends, teachers, coaches, etc. As parents, being a model at all times is more vital. Children will be far more likely to consult Mr. Model for guidance, rather than approach Mr. Critic.

Which one are you?

Peace begins with pause,

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