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November 7, 2016

Election Day

“It has been said that Democracy is the worst form of government—except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.”
(Winston Churchill)

Well, today’s the day for us Americans. Here are some of my hopes:

If you’ve already voted, or you’re voting today and you know your candidate(s) of choice, may you be at peace with your decision, respectful of others around you who differ, and grateful for the privilege.

If you’re voting today, and remain undecided, here’s the best decision device I know: The Cost/Cost Analysis.

Since we humans love to be surprised by positive results, and hate to be surprised with negative news, it’s best to make our decisions by neglecting the benefits, and counting the costs instead. Pardon the rhyme, but “Pros get us dreaming; cons get us scheming.” When we’re listing the possible pros, we start to dream of better emotions, and this clouds our clear thinking. When we count the costs, however, we can start planning our response to the negative outcomes.

So, the Cost/Cost does just that. As best as you can imagine, with the info available, list on one side the known and potential costs of one candidate taking office. Then list the known and potential costs of the other’s election. Now, look at the lists carefully. What would we lose if each got elected? Also, knowing we humans are incredibly prone to poor judgment, who’s potential mistakes could you live with the most?

I’ve got friends on both sides who could do this exercise and easily make a case for their candidate, so this device is not slanted. Perhaps it might help you make your final decision.

My primary hope for all of us is this: May we all be free of violence, whether in our communities, our homes, or our own hearts.

Peace begins with pause,

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