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June 25, 2014

Generation Next

Image: Flickr/Lindsey Jene Scalera

Image: Flickr/Lindsey Jene Scalera

“When you teach your son, you teach your son’s son.” (The Talmud)

Parenting is really, really hard. It requires us to be constantly evolving and open to change. There are days when the last thing in the world you may want to do is focus on yourself and stretch in order to grow. It seems like those are inevitably the days when our kids just know to push our buttons! It also seems like those are the days when you start to wonder if you’re not taking this whole parenting thing a little too seriously.

On those days, think of this quote. By showing our kids what being a grown up is really all about, we are shaping generations. We are creating a world where there can be a little more peace and understanding. When you think of that, the hard times seems like maybe they’re worth it after all.

One thought on “Generation Next

  1. This could be applicable to children of older parents too with a few different words. I find as my mother gets older (85), still has all her facilities but is losing her eye sight she is more and more frustrated and I have to learn to be more and more patient. Give and show patients in hopes that she could learn/see it from me. We kinda go out of this world just like we came in kicking and screaming… As a dear friend once told me “there’s just no way of getting out of this world alive”

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