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February 7, 2017

I Love Lamp?

“Anyone must see at a glance that if men and women marry those whom they do not love,
they must love those whom they do not marry.”
(Harriet Martineau)

Success in marriage begins before you say, “I do.” It begins when you find the one person that you want to love. This cannot be fabricated, and it will not come easily. When you and your partner choose one another, you’re choosing to love against all odds and through all uncertainties.

We use the word love so liberally now that it’s easy to forget what it means. We love shoes, books, ice cream. Steve Carrell’s character in the movie “Anchorman” chimes in as though it were a question, “I love lamp?”
Love cannot be a question; it must be an answer. Saying, “I do” means promising to be the best spouse you can be.

No one promises to settle down out of convenience or obligation. We promise to love, to cherish. When those things are gone, sooner or later someone is going to look for them elsewhere.

Peace begins with pause,

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