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December 5, 2014

ICYMI — 18

John headshot Oct2013Maybe it’s because last week was filled with Thanksgiving preparations, or maybe it’s just because I’m getting older — but this week seemed to fly by. Still, it’s that time again when I present to you a set of links to things I found while looking around the world wide webs.

To begin with, all the holiday shopping and entertaining may take a bite out of your budget, but it doesn’t have to keep you and your significant other from having a regular date night. Here’s a list of ideas for “stay-at-home” dates so simple you may never have thought of them.

Everyone’s busy, and this time of year doesn’t do much to help us in that area. But your busyness doesn’t have to keep you from missing out on the things that really matter. Here’s a helpful reminder to slow down and enjoy the little moments — even if it means missing out on the perfect picture of our kids we’re always waiting for.

We survived Black Friday…and Cyber Monday, but did you participate in Giving Tuesday? In honor of that one day a year when we all intentionally give back to our favorite charities, here are some pictures to remind you that it’s often the simplest actions that change the world.

Speaking of Giving Tuesday and charitable organizations, you do know that The ScreamFree Institute is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization, don’t you? You can join us in our goal to calm the world one relationship at a time by giving here.

Finally, I know a lot of parents who are a little upset that their Christmas tree isn’t as “perfectly” decorated as they’d hoped. They had to compromise with their kids, and the result was something no one was exactly “happy” with. Here’s a great video from the folks at SoulPancake showing what it might look like if you let children do it their way. If you ask me, it’s not so bad!

Well, that’s it for this week. Let me know if there’s anything I missed.

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