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May 1, 2015

ICYMI — 30

John Purple Headshot Dec 2014Greetings once again from 30,000 feet above…um…I think that’s probably Alabama down there right now. I’m returning home from having spent a few days with the kind folks in the “Show Me” state (that’s Missouri if you don’t already know). Missouri is truly one of the nation’s beautiful places to visit in the spring. Don’t go in the summer. Or the winter. I think the hottest I’ve ever been and the coldest I’ve ever been were both in St. Louis!

But I digress. You’re not here for a weather and travel report. You’re here for the links. So…without any further ado, here’s the stuff I found while looking around the internets this week:

Four years ago, Noelle Hancock was living in Manhattan and making $95,000 a year. Then she decided to throw it all away and run away to an island in the Caribbean. She may be on to something.

Brene Brown has quickly become one of my favorite writers and thinkers. In this interview from 2012, she explains the dangers of a concept she calls “Crazy Busy” (I think she may have borrowed that phrase from another of my favorite writers and thinkers — a guy named Dr. Ed Hallowell).

This week there has been a lot of conversation about how we ought to define marriage. Leaving the politics aside, Bret Legg offers one way to know you’re truly married: when you begin to understand what your spouse is NOT saying.

Finally, I’ve been on a kick to do new things and try new adventures this year. So far, I’ve had a chance to knock a few things off the bucket list while traveling this beautiful nation of ours. I haven’t had a chance to go skydiving yet, though. It’s something I’ve thought about for some time, but I just never seem to have the opportunity. I have to admit, however, that watching this video made my palms sweat a little bit. You tell me: would you do this?

Okay…that’s the list for this week. Tell me if I missed anything.

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