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May 16, 2015

ICYMI — 31

John headshot Nov 2014Greetings dear readers from high above West Texas or New Mexico or somewhere brown and flat. I’m flying out to San Diego for my cousin’s wedding. Lots of people in the airport today. People are traveling to weddings and graduations and other family gatherings. It’s an important time to remember: “Calm Down!” only works when you say it to yourself.

Let’s get right to the links. Here are some interesting things I found while looking around the internets this week:

Speaking of weddings, Laura Turner shares a painful memory of one of her worst moments. It’s worth reading for a number of reasons.

This time of year, things seem to speed up with all the places and activities on our calendars. Doyin Richards hopes parents will slow down enough to avoid missing some of life’s truly precious moments.

Jessica Azar gives us 20 ways to know your annual Spring Cleaning is overdue. Since confession is good for the soul, I’ll just say: 2, 5, 7, 13, and 19.

In stable times, people can get by just being supervised or managed. But in uncertain times, people need leadership. Leading in turbulent times, however, is difficult. My friend Tim Elmore shares two necessary elements of leading in uncertain times.

Every parent has had one of those days when their child has an absolute meltdown. But what can you do? Rachel Macy Stafford shares some tips on how to salvage a bad morning. I think #4 is my favorite.

Finally, it’s pretty easy to be in love with your significant other when you’re both in the prime of your lives. But how will you feel when age starts to take its toll? Will there still be that “magic”? The folks at Field Day wanted to find out, so they had their makeup artists transform young couples into senior citizens.

Okay, that’s all for this week. Let me know if I missed anything!

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