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August 8, 2014


John headshot Oct2013Most Fridays I try to post links to interesting things I’ve found while looking around the world wide web.

The other day I was having lunch here in Atlanta, and I ran into my good friend Dr. Tim Elmore. He runs an organization called Growing Leaders and is one of the sharpest minds I know of — particularly when it comes to developing leadership abilities in High School and College-Aged young adults. His article here reveals a powerful truth about the relationship between “sheltering” and “ambition”.

If you haven’t been watching CNN’s original series THE SIXTIES, you’ve really been missing out. Here’s an article that goes with the most recent installment. It asks the question, “How Has Parenting (especially motherhood) Changed Since Then?

Allie Stanley — daughter of megachurch pastor Andy Stanley — recently graduated from high school. She also leads a small group of rising 9th grade girls at her church. In preparation for “back-to-school”, Allie has compiled a list of 20 Rules for High School. I found this list so solid, I sent it to my own daughter. (WARNING: Explicitly Christian Language).

Finally, behold the awesomeness that is the new Cheerio’s Commercial portraying a competent Dad who actually likes his kids, sets firm boundaries, enforces them, and has fun all at the same time! There’s also some insightful commentary on the commercial (and, perhaps, a trend in more socially positive commercials) from John Kinnear.

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