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Leadership Consulting

The demand for leaders is always greater than the supply, because most would rather be led than lead. One of the things that separates leaders from followers is that leaders are always striving to be better, more effective, more competent. You may not be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, but your journey to being a better leader begins right now, right where you are. ScreamFree is here with resources to help you on your way. 

When tensions emerge in an organization, leaders must learn to control their own anxiety with self-awareness and confidence. Those who know how to manage tension and navigate complex challenges can lead their organization to new insights, growth, and vitality. Working with Hal Runkel, Founder of ScreamFree, you can learn to can affect powerful and substantial change by effectively managing yourself first. Learning to stay calm, and connected, allows the ScreamFree leader to share both the power and the pressures of leadership as they discover how to be the calming authority every organization needs.

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  • The “self-focused” leader actually has the best chance of effecting powerful change and results
  • To experience the power of The Leader’s Pause, that moment that leads you from emotional reaction to principled response
  • Compromise, accommodation, and “being a team player” are actually the leader’s worst enemies
  • Patterns, not personalities, determine behavior (and learn how to change those patterns)

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"When I learned about ScreamFree Parenting and studied the program, I knew
this seminar would be helpful to my employees in helping them to better communicate
with their children.
I strongly recommend it to business leaders as healthy employees make for a
healthier company."

Ken S.