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Hal Runkel Screemfree Parenting

10 Things You Didn't Know about ScreamFree Founder, Hal Runkel

1.  I have over $50k worth of titanium holding my spine together. (I’ve told my family that upon death, have me cremated—sell the metal).

2.  There was once a time when I knew the entire Thriller dance (and I may or may not have owned a sequined glove).

3.  I cannot imitate other accents. Even Spanish sounds Irish/Jamaican. I’m so bad my family won’t let me even try anymore.

4.  Disco occupies quite a large part of my iPod gig space.

5.  Mid-sentence, in private conversation, I sometimes trail off and…

6.  I love the incredible story of St. Valentine, but I cannot stand Valentine’s Day. I think it started when I had to give a Valentine’s heart to my 3rd grade teacher. Eww.

7.  For 16 years, I have owned a 1996 Honda Odyssey mini-van, affectionately named “The Beast.” My kids have each taken a turn with her, but in a couple of years, she’ll be all mine again.

8.  I’m not entirely sure of the difference between figs and yams.

9.  My death-row meal would be the Pecan-Sauce Chile Relleno from Polvo’s in Austin, TX. Or Jenny’s cajun grandmother’s gumbo.

10.  My all-time favorite athlete, Hakeem Olajuwon, doesn’t know this, but I once backed over and destroyed his brick mailbox.