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October 2, 2014

Podcast #43 — SpankFree Parenting

Hal and John B&WOn this week’s episode of “You Must Chill”

Spanking has become such a hot topic of late, with news reports of star athletes being arrested and people coming out on one side of the issue or the other. Is it possible to talk about this in a calm and connected way without someone ending up on the hot seat? In this week’s podcast, Hal and John discuss how difficult it is to have a ScreamFree conversation about SpankFree Parenting.

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One thought on “Podcast #43 — SpankFree Parenting

  1. I wouldn’t know where to begin to share my story to communicate clearly enough how much I agree with what Hal Runkel shared in the podcast. I’m looking forward to being another professional voice (I’m already a voice) and resource for healing out in the big wide world.

    I can understand making an effort to create a distinction between “spanking” and “beating” for the sake of facilitating open conversation. I also wonder whether that’s invalidating the pain inflicted via spanking. Like, there may be a distinction between “sexual penetration” and “inappropriate touch” as far as child sexual abuse goes, but they’re both forms of sexual abuse and they’re both damaging. Up to this point, I’ve seen “spanking” and “beating” as degrees of physical abuse similarly. My intention isn’t to pose this as an argument, but in hopes to learn other thoughts about it so as to weigh my own. 🙂

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