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ScreamFree Testimonials

You continue to astound me, on a daily basis, with your clear understanding and wisdom of the nature of relationships.

~Karin S, The Daily Pause subscriber

“I have done several different parenting classes in the past and ScreamFree is the first one that has stuck with our family.”

~Kelly K, attended Screamfree Parenting, 2014

“Absolutely fabulous. This has totally turned my personal and professional life around.”

~Andrea P, attended Screamfree Parenting, 2014

“The ScreamFree approach has been life changing, both in my therapeutic practice and personal life.”

~Cindy M, attended Screamfree Marriage, 2014

“I went in thinking another parenting program of God-knows-what-this-is and then WOW! Holy Cow! This is an amazing program with beautiful principles that start and end with me.”

~Valerie V, attended Screamfree Parenting, 2014

“This book completely changed our marriage. We have been working the principals for the past year and this has been, by far, the best of 22 years of marriage.”

~Dave W, Book Review

“I am so excited about getting this info out to everyone I can.  I have been looking for a way to change my parenting methods for the better and I am positive this method is the answer.”

~Ashley S, attended Screamfree Parenting, 2014

“This program empowers parents!  Children all over the country will have better opportunities to become healthy, productive adults!”

~Pat E, attended Screamfree Parenting, 2014

“The concept of pressing “the pause button” was a wonderful exercise that I will use in my marriage. Thank you for causing me to look at what’s really important.”

~Greg D, attended Screamfree Marriage, 2014

“I learned so much and cannot wait to share this with others.  I hope I can do it justice.”

~Gina L, attended Screamfree Marriage, 2014

ScreamFree Parenting is not a first aid but a surgery on your paradigm about parenting.”

~Cheryl H, Book Review

“This is a very simple technique but it seems so very life changing and revolutionary.  Thank you!!!”

~Tim M, attended Screamfree Parenting, 2014

“This is a fabulous program.  It is practical and a great tool of life skills.  ScreamFree Parenting is awesome.”

~Sharon B, attended Screamfree Parenting, 2014

“I can’t say enough about the ScreamFree message.  This really is revolutionizing my relationships not just as a parent and partner, but in all aspects of my life.”

~Carrie C, attended Screamfree Parenting, 2014

“We have two children and started to applying what we are learning. It’s working! I can’t believe it!  We are much calmer as a husband and a wife and as a father and a mother.”

~Agnes G, Book Review

“I am the single parent of three children and ScreamFree Parenting was an absolute treat for me. I now have some fantastic tools to pursue that goal.”

~Lisa U, Book Review

Screamfree Marriage is a dream come true for me and my husband. We all need to calm down more in our lives and you’ve shown us the light. Thank you for changing our lives.”

~Lisa O, Book Review

“Our greatest corporate asset is our employees. I strongly recommend Screamfree Parenting to business leaders as healthy employees make for a healthier company.”

~Ken S, attended Screamfree Parenting, 2014

“I’ve heard all the great speakers—Brian Tracy, Steven Covey, Zig Ziglar, Earl Nightingale—whether it’s relationships in families or business—or in any organization—Hal is the best I’ve heard.”

~Charlie A, attended ScreamFree Marriage, 2014

ScreamFree Parenting is amazing. If I could just read it every night and practice what I’ve learned from this book, it would make the most amazing difference in my family.”

~Kris B, Book Review