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ScreamFree Testimonials

“This course has saved my motherhood and brought my way of living to a new level.”

~Jennifer R, attended Screamfree Parenting, 2014

“I thought I would just look over Screamfree Parenting, just a glance, as I “didn’t have much time”.  Once I started, it seemed I couldn’t stop.”

~Terese D, Book Review

“I just attended the seminar and was blown away. What a revolutionary way of thinking. Thanks again!”

~Kim E, attended ScreamFree Parenting, 2014

“Brilliant…absolutely brilliant.  I just finished ScreamFree Marriage and I loved it.  I’ve always felt this is the way, but I’ve never seen it written so succinctly.”

~Dr. Colette Szalay, Book Review

“This is the only marriage book my husband has liked. Well-written, well-researched, and funny. Strongly recommend this!”

~K. Anderson, Screamfree Marriage Book Review

“The principles in Screamfree Marriage are so necessary in communicating with, not just your spouse, but with friends, family and co-workers.”

~Lee, Book Review

“The Screamfree Parenting book has changed the way that I think and act towards my son. I have a happy, smiling child who is willing to share his thoughts and ideas with me!”

~Michelle T, Book Review

ScreamFree Parenting is a fantastic book! It has changed and will continue to change the way I parent my children! THANK YOU for writing this book!”

~Dawnelder M, Book Review

“I think you all have perfected the training. I wouldn’t change anything. I hope to spread your word.”

~Ursula R, ScreamFree Marriage

“I have learned more in the four days than I have in a lifetime. I highly recommend these classes to anyone.”

~Michael H., ScreamFree Marriage

“I came to this class to learn to facilitate ScreamFree Marriage, but I came away with so much more. I have learned life skills that will allow me to be a better spouse.”

~Julie G, ScreamFree Marriage