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ScreamFree Parenting

ScreamFree Parenting:

The Revolutionary Approach to Raising Your Kids by Keeping Your Cool

ScreamFree Parenting will shift the focus of your parenting with one simple principle: parenting is not about the child – it's about the parents. The vast majority of parenting books and seminars are child-focused and technique oriented centering on how to change your child's behavior. You can't control someone else's behavior – not even a child's! With ScreamFree Parenting, you will learn to unburden yourself and replace that nagging feeling with empowered, calm wisdom.

The original book shows parents how to remain calm and connected with their children in even the most stressful of circumstances. Published by Broadway Books as a hardcover in September 2007, Screamfree Parenting cuts against the grain of conventional parenting advice by showing that parents who focus on controlling their own emotions and behaviors—rather than the behaviors and emotions of their children—develop stronger, more rewarding family relationships, while simultaneously eliminating the stress and anxiety of child-rearing.

The book has appeared on the New York Times Advice/How-To Bestsellers list and has over a quarter of a million copies in print, to-date. It has been featured on such national news outlets as NBC-TV’s “Today Show” and CBN’s “700 Club,” as well as in publications such as Redbook, Good Housekeeping, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, The Boston Globe, and The Washington Post.


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What People Are Saying...

“We have two children and started to applying what we are learning. It’s working! I can’t believe it! We are much calmer as a husband and a wife and as a father and a mother.”

- Agnes G.​

“ I have been "scream free" for about a year now. I believe your book saved my relationship with my kids. All I can say is...Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! I have a BA in Psychology myself but I just wasn't getting the parenting thing right before I read your book.”

- Martha

ScreamFree Parenting is not a first aid but a surgery on your paradigm about parenting.”

- Cheryl H.

“I am the single parent of three children and ScreamFree Parenting was an absolute treat for me. I now have some fantastic tools to pursue that goal.”

- Lisa U.

“ScreamFree Parenting is amazing. If I could just read it every night and practice what I’ve learned from this book, it would make the most amazing difference in my family.”

- Kris B

“ScreamFree Parenting has not only challenged, encouraged and given us practical applications on becoming better parents, but becoming better people! Applying ScreamFree principles into our relationships with our two daughters has proven highly worthwhile but applying these same principles to our marriage, leadership skills and our friendships has changed how we see ourselves and others.”

- Kate H.

“ScreamFree has radically changed my life and my family. Before I read SF I had daily battles with my teenagers that resulted in pushing my kids away into isolation. There was a constant tension in our home which resulted in a lack of peace and love and connection between me and my kids. Now that I am applying SF principles there is continual connection, peace and love in our home. My kids are no longer isolated as I am not trying to control them with my fear. They are taking more responsibility for their own lives and maturing way more than before because they feel respected by me and connected with me. I just wish I had read SF earlier on in my parenting.”

- Lisa R.