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December 5, 2016

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

“It’s the most wonderful time…of the year
With the kids jingle-belling
And everyone telling you ‘Be of good cheer!’”

Well, it’s December 5th, and that means two significant things in my life:

  1. SiriusXM starts my favorite channel of theirs, Holiday Traditions (ch. 18)
  2. A large batch of Starbucks Christmas Blend arrives at the ScreamFree HQ

Coffee and Holiday music are two of my favorite (and strongest) addictions, so I figured I could combine the two for The Daily Pause for a while. I’ll take quotes from Holiday songs and use them to teach us all a little relationship wisdom (which I know I need, heading into the furnace of family togetherness that is the Holidays!).

Now, for those who don’t celebrate Christmas, don’t worry—these won’t be religious reflections (but they might be spiritual).

For today, simply this:

Is this, for you, the “most wonderful time of the year”? If so, how come? I dare you to take a moment and write down the reasons (family time, religious celebration, Mercedes deals?), then share them with your significant other. Then ask yourself a question: How can I be happy now, without pressuring those around me to share in my Festive bliss?

If the holidays are not your favorite season, do you know why? Is it because of some significant horrible event (like Phoebe Cates’ dad getting stuck in the chimney—remember that from the movie Gremlins?!?)? Or are your holiday blues simply filled with social pressures, financial burdens, bad memories, etc.? For you, I’ve got a similar dare: Share your blues with someone in a way that doesn’t come across as complaining. Instead, ask someone for objective feedback on how you can best make it through the season without souring it for those Jolly folks around you.

Now perhaps, because of your cultural climate, this season has no significance at all. Obviously, that’s fine, too. (But I dare you to try Starbucks Christmas Blend. Dang, that’s good coffee.)

Peace begins with pause,

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