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July 17, 2012

The Power of Vision in Becoming ScreamFree

Image: Flickr/Bradley Stephen Wise

Image: Flickr/Bradley Stephen Wise

As a ScreamFree Leader and seasoned Lifestyle Coach, I still need fresh tools to be the parent that I can be proud of! One of the latest tools that I’ve implemented is a vision board to help support the feelings of closeness, mutual respect and understanding that I want to experience with my 11 year old daughter.

A vision board is simple. It’s like one of those collages you used to do when you were a teen. However, a vision board is a collage with a mission, purpose, and well…vision.
Here’s how you start. First, identify what it is you want to experience in your relationship with your child. When it comes to identifying wants, it’s often helpful to start with “don’t wants.” Don’t wants pop up easily! These are all the things that push your buttons, drive you crazy and interfere with you becoming ScreamFree in the first place. For example, maybe you don’t want to see dirty laundry on the floor, don’t want to have to wait in the driveway for your kids to come out as they are getting progressively late for school, and you are becoming progressively late for your first appointment. You get the idea. List these don’t wants and let them shine light on what you Do Want to experience as a parent.
Maybe you want to feel close, connected, have fun together, and celebrate. Make a quick list of how you want to feel in your parental relationship. Now, go through the myriad of catalogues, fliers and magazines that invariably land in your mailbox. You can also use an image search engine and print images. The idea is to clip images that portray how you want to feel in your relationship with your child.
On my vision board, I found a mom and a young teen daughter embracing. I felt this paved the way for a future of happiness and closeness with my daughter. Images of “super mom” in flight made me feel happy and light, and filled with self-gratitude. I included that one. I also included an image of a mom meditating by a lake to inspire me to get peaceful and quiet inside. A vision board of this type, does not have to be a depiction of what you literally want. It’s a tool to see how you want to feel.
Now, post your vision board in a prominent place. You’ll want to see it every day. What happens when you see something, it engages the reticular activating system in the brain, and subconsciously you will begin to seek and create these feelings in your life. Move the vision board from time to time, so that it doesn’t fade into the background and become ignored.
Enjoy this project that can be accomplished with an inexpensive foam board and some thumb tacks. Use tacks, not glue, because you’ll be achieving your ScreamFree vision in short order, and will want to create a new vision board to activate another level of success in your life.

Carla C. Hugo offers Key Coaching for Family Harmony and Wellness. She is a Coach U trained coach, EFT Practitioner, Certified ScreamFree Parenting Leader and graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Do you believe that Peace on Earth begins at Home? Are you ready to clean up your home life and take your health to the next level? Visit my website and sign up for my newsletter.

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