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May 27, 2009

They’re Coming to Take Me Away..I hope

Image: Flickr/Victoria Nevland

Image: Flickr/Victoria Nevland

So here we are, exactly 2 days into summer vacation and I am already wondering what momentary lapse of reason caused me to believe that I could work from home whilst the munchkins were at large.

It’s not as if my line of work requires any sort of concentration or quietude..oh, wait…that’s right…I’m supposed to be writing a flippin’ book!!!

I am not upset with the kids. They are just being very 12 and 10. But I am upset with my lack of discipline. The only way that this is going to work out is if I plan WAY ahead and don’t allow things like this morning to upset me.

What happened this morning? What didn’t happen is a better question.

After informing the children that I would be off limits for the next two hours to write, I decided to whip up some mac and cheese so that come lunch time, all they’d have to do was zap it in the microwave. After the noodles were ready, I realized that we were out of milk. 30 minutes later, I’m back from the store and ready to start my writing session. Only now, the stove suddenly isn’t working. Checked the breaker box. Still not working. OK. Plan B. The noodles are done, so I’ll just pop them and the “cheesey” part of the mixture in the microwave, have Hal look at the stove when he gets home, and get started on that writing.

Only now, the microwave isn’t working. Checked the breaker box. Still not working.

SO, I fixed sandwiches and finally made my way back to my office to sit down and start writing. Only now, I’m so flustered that the last thing I want to write about his how to stay calm in the midst of a storm.

So, readers, I’m turning to you to vent. Thanks for listening. And if anyone knows a good appliance repairman, I’m all ears. I’ll be in my office, not writing.

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