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January 8, 2016

Thinking about Acting On Your Thinking

“Thinking is easy, acting difficult, and to put one’s thoughts into action, the most difficult thing in the world.”

I think taking my wife on a date this weekend would be a good idea. Holidays are over, oldest is back up at college, and the youngest is wanting some time with his buddies, away from all the intense family-ness of the past month.

Yeah, I think I’ll do it. I’ll surprise her with a single flower, offer her a handwritten invitation to a specific restaurant, and scribble out a coupon for a massage at the elegant Spa de Runkel. Then I think I’ll set the stage with candles, music, rotating nature scenes on the Smart TV. I’ll even get some white wine (which she knows doesn’t count as wine in my book, so she’ll be impressed with the gesture).

Yes, I think this is all a great idea. I love it when I get ideas like this. Makes me feel so connected, so grateful, so excited with anticipation. I’m smiling as I type this. It’s as if I’ve already done it all…

Of course, we are trying to save money after all the holiday spending. And I know she’s tired after her first week back teaching. Lord knows I’ve got a ton to do this weekend.

Oh, well. It’s the thought that counts…

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