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May 6, 2010

Tip of the Day: DO Get Carried Away

Image: Flickr/Lachlan Rogers

Image: Flickr/Lachlan Rogers

As parents, we have the tendency to take life a little too seriously. We allow the urgent things to consume most of our energy and passion while we stuff the important things to the back burner. This struggle is obviously not unique to our generation, but it is unique to the world of adults. Malcom Forbes once said, “A man who never gets carried away should be.”

Our kids get it. Life is meant to be lived – not endured. Allow them to teach you a few things today. Follow their lead for just a moment and inject a little fun and levity in your schedule. Do something unexpected – with or without your kids – and give yourself permission to be silly. Get carried away by something – anything – and remember how grand life can really be.

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