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June 16, 2014

Too Much Mother

Image: Flickr/covershots2010

Image: Flickr/covershots2010

“Most US children suffer from too much mother and too little father.” (Gloria Steinem)

Now that’s an interesting quote — especially considering the source. I’m not exactly sure what Ms. Steinem meant by it, but I’ll tell you what I think: Anytime you have too much of one thing (regardless of what that one thing is) you are out of balance.

Traditionally, “mothering” conjures up images of sheltering and nurturing, while “fathering” means adventure and discipline. Good parenting requires both — from each parent. In other words, each parent needs to play both roles. When we, as individuals, can value both the business side and the personal side of parenting, we are well on our way to the one thing you can’t have too much of — balance.

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