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October 13, 2014

When Victory Becomes Defeat

Image: Flickr/Seif Alaya

Image: Flickr/Seif Alaya

“Be careful that victories do not carry the seeds of future defeats.” (Ralph W. Sockman)

Suppose little Jeff and Jimmy are fighting again, and all you want is for them to shut up and play together quietly. If you step in too quickly because you can’t handle the noise of them trying to learn how to navigate conflict, you’re just setting everyone up for another round of “sibling wars” down the road.

In moments of weakness — when you’re so exhausted from your day that all you want is a little time to sit down in peace and quiet — it’s most important to remember this principle: Victory at all costs isn’t really victory at all; it too quickly turns into bitter defeat.

Think of those tough moments as mental and emotional workouts. They make you stronger so that you’re able to handle more with less stress the next time.

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