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Peace Begins with Pause.

ScreamFree gives you what you need to face the conflicts in your life and find the peace you've always craved.  

Based on the teachings of founder, Hal Runkel, LMFT, ScreamFree offers a mission of practical peace through resources, services, and outreach.  This enables you to have the relational functioning to feel calm, capable, and connected.  ​

This puts us in…

· …the Relationship Education business. From the very beginning, ScreamFree has been translating complex relationship dynamics into the working dialogues of students, families, and organizations worldwide. Starting with the NYT bestseller ScreamFree Parenting, and continuing with our materials and curricula on marriage, the workplace, and teaching, relationship education is at the core of our service to others.

· …the Conflict Resolution business. Hal Runkel and ScreamFree help bring calm and clarity to the most hardened of family, organization, or society conflicts. We believe in doing more than just finding resolution; we help participants transform their relationships in the process. This has meant divorced parents still finding a way to be a family, confrontational business partners finding a way to work together, or feuding families finding reconciliation.

· …the Leadership Training business. At the heart of everything ScreamFree does is training. When it comes to leadership, we help people stop trying to lead, and start training to do so instead. This could mean large churches learning about the dynamics of anxiety, or executive leaders seeing the patterns that are more powerful than personalities. Nonreactive, ScreamFree leaders are the hope for change in any system.

· …the Community Transformation business. ScreamFree helps communities around the world develop a common language for handling relationship creation, communication, and conflict. This could mean an island nation in the Pacific reforming its teachers, a city in the south helping parents in poverty, or the US Army helping its families recover from war. We believe in the power of the nonreactive individual, and we exist to help those individuals have a generational impact on their communities.

Peace begins with pause.  #screamfree

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