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January 2, 2011

Work With What You’ve Got

Image: Flickr/Cara

Image: Flickr/Cara

It’s amazing what a good hairstylist can do for you.

Disclosure: I am 38 years old and I’ve never had a regular hairstylist. Never. I’ve migrated hither and yon in search of The One who could turn my baby fine thin locks into a Jennifer Aniston-like mane. I’ve given it the old college try with Supercuts and I’ve given Hal a heart attack with a Buckhead Salon. And each time, I’ve walked away feeling “less-than”.

“Less-than” is a feeling that I’ve struggled with my whole life – and not just in the hair department. I am not sure why, but ever since I can remember, I have fought to silence a little voice inside that tells me that I’m not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, wealthy enough, kind enough, mature enough…well, you get the point. It tells me that I am less-than I should be.

It’s an evil little fault finding voice for a number of reasons, mainly because it stops me from really enjoying what’s right under my nose. What really gets me is that if I feed that voice instead of silence it, it begins to tell me that my family is “less-than” as well.

If I’m not careful, I end up comparing my children and their accomplishments, behaviors, looks and personalities with their friends instead of enjoying the brilliant people they are becoming. What a waste!

So, what does this have to do with my hair issues? Everything.

The veil was lifted from my eyes two days ago. I visited Eve. I’d been to her a few times before with high hopes and “so-so” results. I told her what I wanted and even showed her pictures – long flowing hair that made me look glamorous. Eve took one look at the pictures and one look at my hair and uttered the words that I’ve been repeating nonstop ever since. “You’re going to be unhappy as long as you keep fighting what you’ve got. And I don’t know why you’re fighting it because it’s great. Why not work with it instead?”

So, together we found an adorable short-ish layered spunky cut that actually accentuates my hair and face instead of struggles against it. I. LOVE. IT.

And I’ve decided that her fateful words to me will be my motto for 2011. I can apply that thought to everything around me: my body, my kids, my relationships, my bank account, my house, my job – you name it – it fits. I already feel lighter and I haven’t heard that little voice in 48 hours now. I’m sure I will hear it again, but next time when I do, I won’t let it get to me. I’ll treat it like an angry, whining tweenager and I’ll know that it doesn’t really mean what it says – it just doesn’t really know how to express itself in a mature way. And it usually will quiet down with a little TLC and a lot of patience.

Happy New Year to all – may this year be your most ScreamFree yet.

2 thoughts on “Work With What You’ve Got

  1. Love this post, Jenny. For some reason that voice really resonates around this time of year for me. Just last night as a matter of fact I was having that same old conversation with God and He told me the same thing you’re saying in this post, work with and be happy with the blessings I have given you! Thanks for the encouragement here. 🙂

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