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August 2, 2016

Wow, What a Response!

Well folks, it looks like we’ve got quite a few marriage gurus out there in ScreamFree land! In response to yesterday’s Daily Pause, in which I asked you guys to consider how you might respond to a man demanding his fiancé never change after they got married, you guys blew me away with the number, and quality, of your replies.

Some of you guys had pointed questions for the would-be husband:

“Maybe ask the husband if he also intended to never change?”

“I would have asked…what will happen if she does change, and then what will happen if you change?”

Others thought it wise to go with the momentum of the husband’s expression of pain:

“Do you think it would make sense to talk about why you feel that so strongly?”

“Tell me about your first marriage…”

Still others of you offered wisdom about the normality of change (even all the way from the UK!):

“I think I might have talked with him about change being a scary, but natural and important part of relationships.”

“Change is like the British Weather; always there and never predictable!”

Finally, several of you echoed this thought:

“I hope the woman did not marry him :(“

“Until he can realize he must embrace change, which is part of all of our lives, there should be no wedding date on their calendar. Hope this is what happened as you worked with them.”

Tomorrow I’ll let you know what I actually did in that session all those years ago. Until then, keep your answers coming!!

Peace begins with pause,

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