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March 16, 2009

Are fathers shirking their responsibilities to their families?

I ran across this article today and thought that it was interesting. Sometimes, as women, we drive ourselves crazy by talking ourselves into being angry with our husbands when taking a deep breath and a closer look would do.

Check out what Glenn Sacks and Robert Franklin from have to say in response to Parenting’s new “Mad At Dad survey” which found that an alarming number of moms are extremely unhappy with their male counterparts. Sacks and Franklin question the legitimacy of the survey and point out what they call a more factual one….

“Are fathers shirking their responsibilities to their families? A 2002 University of Michigan Institute for Social Research survey found that women do 11 more hours of work in the home per week than men, but men work at their jobs 14 hours per week more than women. According to the BLS, men’s total time at leisure, sleeping, doing personal care activities, or socializing is a statistically meaningless 1% higher than women’s. When work both outside the home and inside the home are properly considered, it is clear that men do at least as much as women.

Most moms have no reason to be mad at dads, and there’s no evidence that they are. Unfortunately, such a finding doesn’t play to the mainstream media’s anti-family “woman good/man bad” drumbeat. It also doesn’t make for catchy headlines.”

This column first appeared on World Net Daily (3/6/09).

Glenn Sacks, MA is the Executive Director of Fathers & Families. His columns have appeared in dozens of the largest newspapers in the United States.
Robert Franklin, Esq. serves on the organization’s Board. Their website is

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