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December 9, 2014

Be of Good Cheer

Image: Flickr/Sandor Weisz

Image: Flickr/Sandor Weisz

“You find yourself refreshed by the presence of cheerful people. Why not make an honest effort to confer that pleasure on others?” (Lydia Child)

Most parents want their children to have wonderful memories of growing up. We want them to look back at their childhood with fondness and warmth. So, we decorate for the holidays and attend their class parties. We take them to their sporting events and cheer them on — no matter how dreadful the weather may be. We work really hard at making their childhood a happy one. But every now and again, we can get so caught up in our “Happy Family To Do” list that we forget why we’re even doing it all.

In all of our happy making, we can end up driving ourselves right into misery. Then our kids remember a beautifully decorated house with a really grumpy parent living in it. Lots of sporting events with silent car rides. Schedules so jam packed that we don’t have time for another story or a casual walk outside.

All the stuff we do is nice, but it’s worthless if you end up naughty while you’re doing it. Cheerful is a choice. What if your attitude is what your kids remember most? Choose to be of good cheer!

Now wish me luck. We’ve got a tree to decorate at my house….

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