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Thank you so much for writing in about your interest in certification. At this time, we are not offering public certification. There are two options currently available to you:

1. Instead, Enroll in the Pause Platform. This will give you access to all of the ScreamFree Parenting content and the ability to lead classes online. You’ll find all the details there but it’s a mobile-ready 24×7 interactive 21st century encyclopedia of parenting information.

2. If you work for an organization that would consider bringing us in to train a team, please let me know. We would base that training on the platform, include licenses for the staff, and conduct a 2-day training onsite.

Again, thanks so much for your interest and what you’re doing to help families in your area! Let us know how we can better help you!

Feel free to contact us at or 678-672-6410.