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4.3 Screamfree control
May 3, 2016

Fill in the Blanks

“When you cannot control your own emotions, you must try to control other people’s behavior.”
(Dr. Robert Skinner)

Who’s behavior are you most tempted to control? And in doing so, what negative emotions are you most trying to avoid?

Here’s a helpful formula; finish this sentence:

I need _____________ to start/stop________________, or I will feel _______________.

For instance: I need my wife to stop nagging me, or I will feel enraged, or resentful, or even attracted to someone else who appreciates me.

Here’s another: I need my son to start applying himself more at school, or I will feel embarrassed by his grades when people ask me about him.

Now you try it. Fill in the blanks.

Peace begins with pause,

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