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November 6, 2014

Fun Ways to Cultivate Gratitude

If you’re looking for some fun and creative ideas to increase gratitude in your home, you’re in luck! These are simple ideas, but can be as elaborate as you want. If you’re the really crafty type, go all out. If not, no problem. Remember that the main idea is to cultivate gratitude and see all those amazing benefits we talked about in the last blog post. So here goes:

The Grateful Turkey



Using card stock or construction paper, cut out the turkey body, feet, and gobbler. Attach googly eyes, if you wish, and have your kids cut out feathers in various colors. Each day everyone writes one thing they are thankful for on a feather and attaches it to the turkey. See how big your turkey will be by Thanksgiving. And don’t forget to take a picture!

The Gratitude Tree



This is a pretty simple project, too.  Find a barren branch and “plant” it in a pot. Next, create a template of different leaves. You can use actual leaves to create this template. I like using card stock for the template. Once your templates are made, simply trace around them on various fall leaf colored construction paper. You can crinkle the leaves to give them a more realistic appearance. To attach, simply fold the stem part of the leaf over the branch and tape it.

Gratitude Garland



Tie twine across your mantel. Cut out leaves from fall themed scrapbook paper. Attach to the twine with little clothespins or tape.

Gratitude Jar



Here’s one you can make as fancy or simple as you wish.  Here are instructions for the one on the left—a pretty, but simple endeavor.  Or like this one, you can use what you have. No matter how fancy you get, enjoy reading all of the entries on Thanksgiving….Or keep it throughout the year and read it periodically for a mood boost.


The Gratitude Chain



My kids LOVED making paper chains when they were little. This is a similar idea…just cut out the template, use a stamp (if you want) and then have everyone write on them. Hang the chain or use it as decoration on your Thanksgiving table.

Family Gratitude Journal



Here’s an activity that can be practiced all year long. Find a pretty, spiral bound journal and leave it out, encouraging everyone to add to it. Encourage writing about experiences as well as “things.”

Let us hear from you. Share with us how you and your family cultivate gratitude. Join with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using #screamfreegratitude.

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