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October 2, 2016

Good Night, Sleep Tight

“People who say they sleep like a baby usually don’t have one.”
(Leo J Burke)

There are few things worse than a sleepless night. Except for maybe an endless parade of them with no end in sight. When you’re sleep deprived, food doesn’t taste as good, colors don’t look as bright, and things that normally wouldn’t bother you set you off on a moment’s notice.

For those of you out there with babies who aren’t sleeping well, I offer my sincere and earnest condolences. That first year can feel like a decade. Take heart, though—there are some valuable resources out there to help you teach your baby to sleep through the night. Until you find the right one, keep telling yourself: “This too shall pass.”

In fact, that’s not a bad phrase for the rest of us to remember no matter where we are in our parenting journey. No matter what parenting issue you’re dealing with right now, there will almost assuredly come a time when it is but a faded memory. Use that knowledge to keep your sense of perspective when pacing the floors with your baby or waiting at the door for your teen. Tackle each phase as it comes and enjoy your child as you walk through it together.
Peace begins with pause,

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