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July 11, 2014


John headshot Oct2013Every Friday — or nearly ever Friday depending on how crazy my schedule is — I try to post links to interesting things I’ve found while looking around on the internets.

Honest confession: Sometimes Jen Hatmaker sounds like an alien to me. She’s so very…positive…all the %@*& time. I sometimes read her blog and find myself thinking, “Can this woman be for real?” But I’ve come to believe my parenting needs an infusion of positivity every now and again, and much of the advice she offers in this article, “On Parenting Teens,” is spot on.

Jackson Barnett, a Senior at Childersburg High School, in Childersburg, AL, writes an excellent article on our fixation with labels — both good and bad.

The summer schedule (or lack thereof) can make it easy to slip into allowing our kids too much screen time. Renee Robinson explains to her boys why she limits their access to electronic devices in a very articulate way.

Rachel Macy Stafford writes about that painful experience so many of us have had — when you realize your daughter is afraid of you because you have become a yeller.

Finally, this 14-year-old girl has become my new hero. Someone tried to bully her because of her body. You have to read this to see how she turned the story around. (WARNING: There is a curse word prominently but responsibly featured in the story)

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