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April 24, 2015

ICYMI — 29

John headshot Nov 2014For the first time in quite a while, I’m not on an airplane. I’m actually writing this to you, dear readers, from my living room! This time last week I was wrapping up some time spent with the good folks at Fort Irwin, CA. The week before that it was Seattle. The week before that was Kansas City. This time next week I’ll be flying home from St. Louis.

But do not fear. All this travel has not kept me from discovering interesting things online. Behold! Here are this week’s links to interesting things I found while looking around:

Saren Eyre Loosli offers parents of pre-teens five tips to remember. My favorite is: People respect those who give them respect.

Parker J. Palmer is one of my favorite writers — particularly the things he has written about work, vocation, and calling. He also struggles with depression. As someone who has struggled through his own “dark night of the soul” I feel a sense of camaraderie with Parker, and the way he describes his journey is stunningly beautiful and insightful.

My friend Tim Elmore notes that once upon a time nobody belonged to a gym. One of the main reasons is because people were busy lifting things and carrying things and walking in their regular life. They didn’t need a gym then, but now many of us do. He says the same may be true of adolescents today. There was a time when kids learned things like interpersonal skills and conflict resolution playing ball in the vacant lot in their neighborhood. Those vital lessons may go unlearned now in their age of over-programming. Tim gives us two of the best questions we can ask as we help develop students.

Speaking of playing in the vacant lot, there’s been a fair amount of research in the last decade or so on the importance of play. Not only is it important for children to learn important social skills, according to this article in Time Magazine, it may be important for adults as well.

Finally, Terry Crews did an amazing job hosting the TV Land Awards last week. His opening number, lip-synching theme songs from some of the television shows so many of us grew up with, is must see TV.

Okay, that’s it for this week. Let me know if I missed anything!

One thought on “ICYMI — 29

  1. Our rediscovered love of our own playtime has rekindled much in this new phase of our lives. We call it our PKPG era: Post Kids Pre Grands

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