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June 12, 2014

Let Them Be(come)

Image: Flickr/Michael Yan

Image: Flickr/Michael Yan

“Let your children go if you want to keep them.” (Malcolm S. Forbes)

Letting your child experience the world in her own right is the most joyous of moments; it is also the most frightening. None of us likes the idea of our kids suffering when they make bad decisions, but they need to know that you believe in them enough to let go — at least a little.

Of course, I’m not suggesting you turn your back on how you’d like for your children to turn out. ScreamFree parenting isn’t passive parenting. Rather, think about what kind of environment you can create that will most likely lead your children toward success. You are responsible TO them in this regard.

Then (and here’s the hard part) relax and let them become. In order for them to become the self-directed adults we are hoping for, they will need to learn to make mistakes and take responsibility for those mistakes without you holding them back or rescuing them. Parenting with this paradox in mind is important to becoming and remaining ScreamFree.

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