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January 25, 2011

ScreamFree Marriage

Marriage Hardcover Rendered

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Calming Down, Growing Up, and Getting Closer
Through the best-selling ScreamFree Parenting, Hal Runkel showed thousands of parents how keeping their cool can revolutionize their family life. In his groundbreaking book, ScreamFree Marriage, Runkel shows couples how learning to stay calm, in the face of common marital conflicts, is the key to creating and enjoying a deep, lifelong connection. Every committed couple strives to hold on to the marriage they envisioned back when they first said “I do”–before the end of the honeymoon phase, before kids, mortgages, health crises, and all life’s inescapable issues. But the truth is this: conflict is unavoidable–it’s impossible for two people to see every single thing, face every issue, and experience every situation in exactly the same way. What results are couples “screaming” at each other–sometimes literally yelling out loud, sometimes shutting themselves down and shutting their partners out, and sometimes avoiding the issue altogether–none of which leads to the passionate, intimate connection we all crave. In ScreamFree Marriage, Hal introduces some radical new concepts about marriage, teaching couples how to embrace this inevitable conflict as a profound vehicle for strengthening a marriage. Rather than just a source of pain and disagreement, these “Fires of Commitment,” as Hal describes them, can actually be the exact experience needed to grow couples into new levels of maturity and intimacy. By simply learning the ScreamFree formula of Calming Down, Growing Up, and Getting Closer, you too can cross through these fires and end up with a closer and more passionate marriage than ever before. Using accessible anecdotes and the disarming humor that readers have come to love, Runkel disproves prevailing marital wisdom, puts couples on a path to “intimate independence” and reveals a whole new, fresh approach to marriage.

3 thoughts on “ScreamFree Marriage

  1. Good morning. I have a question….I ordered the ScreamFree Marriage DVD/Workbook
    set for a class. Disk 3 will not work. Is there someway I could get a replacement?
    Thanks in advance

    • This is the answer I received via email from Hal:

      Hey Gustavo! The two books are essentially the same; the publisher wanted to try a different title for the paperback edition, but little else was changed.
      Thanks so much for following me and ScreamFree!

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