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June 14, 2016

Teens and Tech, Part 1

“Some 55% of parents say they limit the amount of time or times of day their teen can be online.”
(Pew Research Center)

In our plea for your questions last week, a large majority of you asked about teens and technology. There’s room for a whole book on that topic (and I may be writing one), but for now consider this:

Our capacity for inventing connective technology has far outpaced our abilities to effectively manage its effects on our lives. And I’m talking about us adults. I’ve got a fully-developed frontal lobe but I still, stupidly, answered a text while driving yesterday. And last week I embarrassingly hit “reply all” on an email chain, not realizing till hours later I had damaged a relationship in the process.

How can we think our pre-teens and teens can handle it any better? I mean, surely we don’t think, because they can navigate the technology itself better than adults, this means they can fully manage its usage, and its effects on their psyches, their relationships, their self-worth?

Maybe 45% of us do.

Peace begins with pause,

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