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May 5, 2015

Testimonial Tuesday: Stumbling Upon ScreamFree

Image: Flickr/GSCSNJ

Image: Flickr/GSCSNJ

From time to time we receive emails from folks just like you who are discovering just how revolutionary our content can be. We love hearing this — not just because it validates our materials but because it means lives are being changed. Our whole idea is to help people stay cool enough to handle any moment in the moment. We know that if they can do that, they can find the momentum they need to create great relationships. Great relationships, change lives, which transform communities, which, in turn, heal the world. So, we want to share with you some of the stories we get to hear — stories of life change, stories of transformation. This week’s story comes from one mom who stumbled upon ScreamFree not expecting the principles of the site would be so valuable to her.

One of my pet habits is to notice the email addresses of people, and then visit their website for more insight.  Often times I do so with expectations of a cursory visit.  Not the case at, which I find to be a constructive, insightful, and seemingly beneficial concept to those who can recognize its worth and take advantage.  While reading, I found myself quickly evaluating the parenting environment in my own home.  While it is definitely, and pleasantly screamfree, visiting your site was valuable to me if only in the sense that it ‘forced’ a mental pause and quick evaluation of the state of affairs in certain areas of my household.  Even that quick mental check leaves me feeling better about our ongoing efforts to raise two ‘separate’ and responsible human beings (boys) as teenagers. I guess what I’m saying is, is likely spreading help, hope and happiness to more people than even you realize: people like me who just stopped by for a quick visit, but left with something that will last a lot longer. A wonderful idea and concept; a wonderful job by you, your husband and team; and continued success and blessings going forward. I just felt I had to let you know.

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