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December 26, 2016

The Freedom of Responsibility

“Now the thing that I call livin’ is just being satisfied with knowin’ I got no one left to blame.”
(Gordon Lightfoot)

Next week I’m losing a teenager; my daughter Hannah is turning 20. The week after that I’m getting a new titanium hip. Good God, help me, I’m getting old.

That doesn’t mean I’m getting mature, however. Becoming old is inevitable; becoming an adult is optional.

Raises a good question: What’s a good definition of adulthood?

Here’s a start: The beginning of adulthood is the ability and willingness to accept full responsibility for your choices. It is the freedom of blaming no one else for the choices that have brought you here, and looking to blame no one else for the next choice you’re about to make.

That’s just the beginning, however. If I’m resentful about having to take full responsibility, then I’m not nearly adult enough. The arrival of adulthood is when you actually welcome this truth of taking full responsibility as true freedom.

Peace begins with pause,

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