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Bring it on Home

Sometimes a book is just not enough. Sometimes it helps to have a guide, leading you step-by-step through the changes you seek. That’s exactly why we created The ScreamFree Toolkits. Whether learning on your own, or leading a small group, each of these kits is a complete guide through all the principles of all the ScreamFree programs. In each kit, you will find:

Multi-hour presentations from Founder Hal Runkel, broken down into digestible segments, available on multiple DVDs,
Workbooks that lead the viewer through each of the principles, with helpful exercises to put the principles into action,
In the Facilitator Kits, Leader’s Guides to help small group leaders facilitate the most honest dialogue and mutual support..
screamfree launching hope
screamfree launching hope

Take a new look at leading your
teens into adulthood.


Take a deeper look at the relationship
that matters most.

Bring your family back to life!

More toolkits and workbooks available at our online store.