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June 22, 2016

What’s Your One Relationship that Matters Most?

Here at ScreamFree, one of our missions is to help you bring peace into the relationships that matter most.
Naming what those relationships are is not terribly difficult for most people. But what about naming the ONE relationship that matters most to you? How would you determine that?

For those with a faith-based understanding of the world, you would most likely list your relationship with God as the ONE. I totally get that, but I’m talking about human relationships here. For you folks, though, perhaps the beginning place would be to consider what God wants you to consider your most important human relationship.

Another way for us all to answer the question is this: Which of my relationships has the greatest effect on all my other relationships? Which of my relationships, if invested in as a priority, would bring the greatest strength into the rest? For me, the answer is clear: my marriage. Nothing else has a greater impact on everything else.

So, if that’s the ONE, then here’s a payoff question: Am I investing enough time, attention, curiosity, humility, and accountability into that relationship that if asked, my wife would agree? Would Jenny say that I prioritize our relationship as the one that matters most?


Peace begins with pause,

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