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July 15, 2016

Who’s Your Mentor

This week one of my dearest mentors had a tragic accident, and is facing a treacherous journey. Knowing him, I firmly believe he will surprise a few doctors (but none of us) with an astounding recovery. That’s simply who he is. To Joe and all his loved ones, our prayers and thoughts surround you.

Joe was vital in the earliest days of my career, and among the very first to read the manuscript of ScreamFree Parenting. His belief in that message, and more importantly in me, was both fuel and fire in the beginning. Simply put, my vocation doesn’t happen without Joe.

So, as I hope and pray for mine, I ask you to consider who has mentored you? Who are the older, wiser, calmer souls who’ve been instrumental in your success? Who’s made your life possible?

As we did a few days ago, let’s all take a breath, think of one of these giants in our lives, and smile for 15 seconds.

Don’t be surprised if you won’t wanna stop after those 15 seconds are up.

I love you, Joe!

Peace begins with pause,

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