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September 13, 2016

What’s Wrong, and Right, with My House

What’s Wrong, and Right, with My House

At this moment, my house contains all the following:

—a busted pipe coming from our upstairs master shower (it started leaking into our kitchen this past weekend)
—a beautiful woman who simply excels as a person, wife, mother, and high school teacher
—a guest bathroom with peeling wallpaper and no door frame
—the empty bedroom of a lovely, independent 19-year-old young woman, currently studying abroad
—a dishwasher that doesn’t clean the upper rack
—a 17-year-old son doing an amazing job managing multiple AP classes, a 20+ hour/week job, baseball workouts, and planning for his fourth mission trip to serve orphans in another country
—siding and woodwork that needs to be replaced and/or painted around the entire perimeter of the house
—beautiful pictures of family and friends, from trips all over the world
—leaking gutters all around the roof that needed replacing a few years ago
—a library of books that have narrated bedtimes, entertained rainy days, educated minds, and changed relationships for the better (even a couple written by yours truly)

When I look at this list, I realize that my level of peace-filled happiness is directly related to which ones I choose to focus on most.
(And which ones I think need to be fixed.)

Peace begins with pause,

One thought on “What’s Wrong, and Right, with My House

  1. Hi,

    Before we married, I asked my husband out when we both worked together, he was then in my dream career position ( and, I did not fully knew then, just six months out from one and only, and messy, relationship). It was not look at first sight, for me, but, he can be kind to generous, that I was gradually drawn to him (I was tired too, after being rejected fro my dream career). The fact that we were dating, and his envoy enemy have helped me get my dream career, but that put our entire relationship 5 years long distance, til the day we got married (we did not get to know each other, first fight was before we got married).

    I determined to make the marriage work. 10 years (mostly immature, almost Devore once. til Your scream free marriage made me want to become the mature one) and one child together. I have come to become attracted to him (physically too). But felt he never looks or sees me.

    when I asked him what made him went out with me, married me. He did not say anything. he sort of admired he never loves me ( I felt that way too, but sways hope for the best). What I need to do now? I am supposed to be the mature one. I am not aware of any other girl or boy that he may like (he only liked one girl in college ‘and said I love you to her then ran away at end and school year, he told me, they never went out, but from the way he describes her, he only chose her.

    I felt hurt, short sale and like in long sleep the last 10 years. What is the most important thing and mature thing to do now? I am calm

    I have been not taking good care of myself(!)?

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