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  • ICYMI — 31

    Greetings dear readers from high above West Texas or New Mexico or somewhere brown and flat. I’m flying out to San Diego for my cousin’s wedding. Lots of people in the airport today. People are traveling to weddings and graduations and other family gatherings. It’s an important time to remember: “Calm Down!” only works when […]

  • ICYMI — 30

    Greetings once again from 30,000 feet above…um…I think that’s probably Alabama down there right now. I’m returning home from having spent a few days with the kind folks in the “Show Me” state (that’s Missouri if you don’t already know). Missouri is truly one of the nation’s beautiful places to visit in the spring. Don’t […]

  • ICYMI — 29

    For the first time in quite a while, I’m not on an airplane. I’m actually writing this to you, dear readers, from my living room! This time last week I was wrapping up some time spent with the good folks at Fort Irwin, CA. The week before that it was Seattle. The week before that […]

  • ICYMI — 28

    Greetings, dear readers, from Seattle, Washington. I’ve been hanging out with my oldest daughter in the Emerald City, drinking coffee, eating seafood, listening to the grunge music. It’s such a beautiful part of the world here. But that’s not what you came here to read — this is no travel blog. You want the links! […]

  • #ICYMI — 27

    Spring is here! Warmer temperatures. March Madness. Seasonal allergies…ahchoo! Never fear, dear reader, my sniffling and sneezing has not prevented me from surfing the world wide webs. Behold! This week’s list of interesting things I found while looking around: Have you ever wondered what might happen if you said “yes” to everything your kids asked? […]

  • ICYMI — 26

    Greetings dear readers from high above…eh…North Carolina? I’m flying home from our nation’s capital, having spent the better part of yesterday with some brave men and women at Fort Belvoir. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m in the midst of a rather intense travel schedule, but I do still have time to read and discover things […]

  • ICYMI — 25

    Greetings from high above the state of…um…I think it’s Missouri about now. I’m looking at a blanket of snow below as I fly home from spending some time with the brave men and women at Fort Riley, Kansas. Since my last ICYMI post several things have happened. The ScreamFree Institute raised over $100,000 to fund […]

  • ICYMI — 24

    It’s Valentine’s Day weekend. It’s Friday the 13th. It’s freezing cold where I live. What an odd combination of factors all leading to one thing: It’s time for me to offer you a list of things I found while looking around the internet this week. Bob and Kim have been married for 56 years. Hallmark […]

  • ICYMI — 23

    Whew! We made it through January. I seriously don’t know anyone for whom January is their favorite month of the year. Now February…well…I know a lot of people who love February — and not just because that’s when my birthday comes. Okay, maybe it’s mostly because that’s when my birthday comes. Nevertheless, the weather is […]

  • ICYMI — 22

    Greetings from 30,000 feet! I’m actually posting from the “Economy Comfort” seat 12B on Delta flight 1616 from Denver to Atlanta. Technology is cool! I haven’t forgotten about you, faithful reader. I’ve just been a little overwhelmed with some new stuff we’re working on here at the ScreamFree Institute. Stay tuned for some big projects! […]