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  • Why won’t my wife take time for herself?

    This past weekend I got to enjoy an annual guys’ golf trip. Eighteen of us left our work lives and loved ones behind to enjoy blistering temperatures, and even higher scores. It was three days of pure joy.

    Over the years, I’ve heard from numerous husbands how much they wish their wives would take similar time for themselves.

    “I’ve tried to suggest everything from a girls’ spa trip, a shopping & shows trip to NYC, or just a night away by herself in a downtown hotel, but she just won’t do it.”

  • Wearing the Badge of Balance

    I have spent 44 years doing and living life with the core belief that “BUSY = WORTHY”. Cognitively, I know it is not going to change in a week, the neuropathways will not magically transform in 21 days, and I will likely still be struggling with being busy this time next year. I will need […]

  • Too Much Mother

    “Most US children suffer from too much mother and too little father.” (Gloria Steinem) Now that’s an interesting quote — especially considering the source. I’m not exactly sure what Ms. Steinem meant by it, but I’ll tell you what I think: Anytime you have too much of one thing (regardless of what that one thing […]

  • Bullet Points for Life: Lessons to my children

    Character matters more than money, smarts, and education. I would rather you be a person of integrity than the smartest, wealthiest person on earth. Life is not fair. It stinks, but it really is true. There will be times when someone else gets the job you are more suited to or another guy/girl gets the […]