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  • Why won’t my wife take time for herself?

    This past weekend I got to enjoy an annual guys’ golf trip. Eighteen of us left our work lives and loved ones behind to enjoy blistering temperatures, and even higher scores. It was three days of pure joy.

    Over the years, I’ve heard from numerous husbands how much they wish their wives would take similar time for themselves.

    “I’ve tried to suggest everything from a girls’ spa trip, a shopping & shows trip to NYC, or just a night away by herself in a downtown hotel, but she just won’t do it.”

  • Separate, but Connected

    I remember as a kid being fascinated by conjoined (“Siameze”) twins. I read stories in the Guinness record book, and I watched TV specials on the courageous families and doctors facing the challenges of separation surgery. These people faced unbelievable choices, and almost always (regardless of the outcome) came away with some sense of gratitude for the journey.